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Look the pictures Wahabis are mourning and they are in a Matamm and Jlouse, now they don't call it Bed'ha.
Wahabis in Mataam of Killer, they mourn for a Killer, for a gay and cruel person which we can say from his ugly and nasty face.

From years Wahabis accuse Muslim for mourning for grandson of Prophet 's.a.w' and they say it is a bed'ha. They make fun of Shia Muslims and kill them just because they mourn for Sardar-e Shuhadah, Imam Hussain 'as' and bringing "jlouss" on public to show the world that no cruel man will live forever but Shahid Imam Hussain will live forever, and Muslims will mourn and will celebrate in Aashura 10th of Muharam. Zulm ke Khelaaf.
In 7th October 2003 a killer and a leader of Sepahi-Sahaba of Pakistan were killed by unknown gunmen. He was a killer of thousands not just in Pakistan but also in the region. And his friends/parties/followers are the cause of hate, murders, disasters in societies, drugs, and thousands more between Muslim Ummah. Being enemies of Al-Bait of Mohammad (s.a.w), Killing, Beating and enslaving Orphans, raping widows and young boys in their Madrasas (their own students), encouraging young boys for gay activities, and seeking forgiveness in their holy place Deoband (which they believe Deoband is the most holy place of them in entire world) is their ISLAM and way of life. Which are all unIslamic, and the great Scholars of Islam both Shia and Sunni Al-Sunnah Wal-Jamaha condemn such activities. And we know that Islam the great religion of Allah 's.a.w' was brought to end up with such activities, but unfortunately now they do such things and claim for being Muslim and extremist Muslims. Which is a joke.
Now look the pictures, they cry and mourn for a gay, killer or big criminal of Pakistan
Now, they don't claim bed'ha and never says crying after Shahid (for them he is Shahid) is not allowed or mourn or bringing Jlous.

A small example in one of their dogs death's event!!! Look the Pictures and Read!!!

The ugly face describes everything.
He was the killer of Most of Shia and Sunni Ulamah and innocent people.
He declared all Sunni and Shias as Kafir and Mushrik except the ones who follows Wahabiat and his party and way of life.

Wahabis and Sepahi Sahaba burn the copies of Holy Quran in Islamabad,
while they are angry about the death of their criminal leader,
then they even can't stop themselves to not attack Quran, while they expect Shias of Muhammad 's.a.w' and Ali 'as' to laugh on Ashura the 10th of Muaharam.

Now, they don't call it bedha,
while he is barking like a dog for the death of KILLER AND ZALIM person

Wahabis and Sepahi Sahabah attack the name of Mohammad 's.a.w' written on banners. This is how they announce for being enemies of Mohammad 's.a.w' and his Al-Bait 'as'.

Proofsss, their big leader was gay and liked to take in from his backside.
And this is how they encouraged their students that sex with men is enjoyable than your own wives. Astaghferullah.

Now why you cry for your Shahid? Isn't it Haram? Didn't your groups kill Shia Muslims for crying and celebrating 10th of Muharam for Sanehai Karbala and for Imam Hussain (as) The grandson of Muhammad "s.a.w"

Look now you burn the cinema in Islamabad,
because it is sad day for your and your leader was killed, but remember while you made parties and did your marriages in 10th of Muharam or Aashura?
And you said you don't care, and being Sad for your love one's death is Haram!!!

Umm now we see the death body with Jlous and crowded people,
but remember while you bombed Muslims for bring up Jlouses to remember grandson of Prophet "s.a.w"?
And said whoever stops those Jlous and kill Muslims in such Jlous I'll give him 10 thousands?

What is wrong man? Didn't you expect all Muslims to laugh on the day of Shahadat Imam Hussain (as) and now you cry for a death of a killer and Zalim?

Yea, this killer was proud for all his crimes, and he was proud to have that much power that even the government couldn't keep him in jail more than months. This kind of people the enemies of Islam try to show the wrold that Islam was brought by sward not peace, which they are failed now. All the world knows the holy Prophet's.a.w' and his Shias and Quran. And all realized that such people never describe Islam with their ugly nasty faces and with their guns.

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This was a small example of one of them...If they don't be straight online, more will come Inshallah to uncover their ugly faces..